Volcanoes Research Unit with PowerPoint


Volcanoes are one of the most fascinating, yet dangerous natural disasters on Earth that your 2nd-3rd grade students will love to learn about it! This week long unit has all you need to get your students excited and engaged through and fun activities that integrate informational text, technology, vocabulary, writing, art, reading strategies, and more!

Included with your purchase:

*Volcano PowerPoint: 18 slides

*Lesson Plan pacing guide, 4 pages of activity descriptions

*Student Workbook with comprehension questions: 7 pages

*16 vibrant vocabulary cards with definitions

*Vocabulary word flip book with pictures

*Graphic Organizers

*Writing paper (2 options for handwriting lines)

*Graphic Organizer for writing a paragraph (2 options for handwriting lines)

*Crossword puzzle with answer key

*Word Search

*Acrostic Poem

*ABC order

*Get the Gist Graphic Organizer

*Puzzle Pieces vocabulary match (word, picture and definition)

*Photos for an Anchor Chart

*Volcano SMART ART writing activity

*Volcano Poster

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Extreme Weather Resources are also sold individually! You can find them in a *PRINTABLE* or *DIGITAL* format below:

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  6. Printable Blizzard Unit or Digital Blizzard Unit for Google
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  10. Hurricane BOOM cards

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