The 7 Continents: Digital for Google Classroom AND Printable Pocketbook Units!


Your students will love the variety of this fun, interactive and engaging unit on The 7 Continents! This bundle includes materials in TWO formats: interactive, digital pages for Google Classroom and distance learning, in addition to 350 printable pages. It includes 7 seperate, week long unit plans and materials for each continent: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Antarctica, Australia in both digital and print formats! It integrates technology, vocabulary, writing, art, reading strategies and more, and easily differentiate with built in options that require NO EXTRA PREP.

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Each GOOGLE Unit (7 total) Includes:

  • EDITABLE GOOGLE Presentation Slides for topic overview (70 slides)
  • 28 EDITABLE interactive workbook pages with a variety of options for student responses.
  • Interactive vocabulary cards
  • “Get the Gist” graphic organizers
  • Graphic organizers for writing paragraphs
  • Writing paper for student informative paragraphs
  • Word search
  • ABC order
  • Crossword puzzle
  • Acrostic poem
  • Vocabulary word puzzle pieces
  • Newspaper article based on independent research

Each PRINTABLE Unit (7 total) Includes:

  • How to Use page, lesson plans with daily activities.
  • PowerPoint Presentations for each continent
  • Student Workbook with comprehension questions: 4 pages PER CONTINENT
  • Colorful vocabulary cards
  • Definitions for Vocabulary words
  • Vocabulary word flip book with pictures
  • Graphic Organizer
  • Interactive map of continent worksheet
  • Writing paper
  • Photos for an Anchor Chart
  • Smart Art writing prompt for each continent

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