The Season of WINTER Research Unit with PowerPoint for K-1 and special education


Teach all about the season of WINTER! Learn about the weather, holidays, activities to do and clothing. Easily differentiate with built in options that require NO EXTRA PREP. The materials in this unit are interactive and utilize multimodal strategies to increase student engagement and outcomes. This unit is a comprehensive week long unit that integrates technology, vocabulary, writing, art, reading strategies and more! Students will respond to informational text by answering questions in a student booklet in a variety of formats. Students will learn vocabulary words by creating a picture vocabulary flip book. The vocabulary words are embedded throughout the unit to promote ample opportunities for learning.

Included with your purchase:

*Winter PowerPoint: 18 slides

*Unit Plan included with 4 pages of detailed descriptions of the activities

*Student Workbook with comprehension questions: 4 pages

*20 Vocabulary cards

*Definitions for Vocabulary words

*Vocabulary word flip book with pictures

*Graphic Organizer with several options for differentation

*Writing paper (2 options for handwriting lines)

*Graphic Organizer for writing a paragraph (2 options for handwriting lines)

*Crossword puzzle with answer key

*Word Search

*Acrostic Poem

*ABC order

*Puzzle Pieces vocabulary match (word, picture and definition)

*Winter labels for pocket to store student work

*Photos, labels and directions for an Anchor Chart

*Snow globe SMART ART writing activity

Your download will be a zip file with the PowerPoint presentation and the research unit.

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