Entire Years Worth of Spelling Words & Activities BUNDLE: Kinder & First Grade


Our interactive spelling workbook units were created to give students a consistent and organized method to increasing their ability to spell grade level and above grade level spelling words and words with complex vowel patterns. With ample opportunities to learn the words, students are guaranteed to increase their phonetic abilities and improve their overall writing skills.

This year long bundle includes 40 weeks of spelling words and activities that will last the entire school year.

Each of the units (lasting 4 weeks) has the following:

*6 pre-selected words per week (24 per unit, 240 per year): derived from the most commonly used and spelled word lists.

*Spelling workbook covers: Generic cover including months themed covers

*Spelling list cover sheets

*Take Home Spelling Word List

*10 word work activities to include: Write your spelling words 2x each, Write your spelling words in pencil, pen, marker, letter tiles, ABC order, Write each word in a sentence, Color the vowels and consonants, count the syllables, word search with answer key, magic letters and pyramid boxes.

*Word cards for classroom display

*End-of-the-week spelling test

Second and Third Grade Spelling Lists and Activities: The same spelling format with similar activities is available for 2nd-3rd grade! Perfect for mixed-grade classes or easy differentiation for your different levels of learners.

Do you have any questions before purchasing? Email [email protected] relating to the activities included or word list.

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