5 Tips for a Smooth First Week of School

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It’s that time of year again! As we all get ready to head back to the classroom, it is time to start thinking about the first week of school.

Preparing for the first week of school is always hard no matter how many years you’ve been teaching! Between the nerves of meeting your new class, the stress of setting up your classroom, and the struggle of getting back into your school schedule, there are so many things to balance. Follow these 5 tips to help you have a smooth first week of school!

Tip 1: Plan your outfits ahead of time

This will save you time and energy in the morning (or first-week fatigue in the evenings)  if you’re like us and get first-week jitters! I like to get to school extra early the first week and this is one way that helps me make sure that happens. We love starting the year with a Stitch Fix box to freshen up our teacher wardrobe! Try Stitch Fix and get $25 off your first box with this link. (*affiliate link)

Tip 2: Prepare a first week of school craft

Preparation is key! That’s why we love to have some resources already prepped and ready to go.

Sometimes I will even do this in June (crazy, I know!) Then I have it stored in a ziploc and ready to go before I’m even thinking about the first week plans. You can also bring it home and prep it at your leisure; it’s one less thing to think about getting done.

back to school crafts for the first week of school
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We love using these back to school crafts to welcome our students back to the classroom!

Tip 3: Set aside time to get to know your students

The first week of school is all about establishing routines and making sure your students feel welcome and ready for the new year. Take the time to get to know them and build connections with them. This is not the time to worry about hitting new learning objectives. Check out our blog post for 5 tips for connecting with students during the first week of school!

Tip 4: Prepare a welcome back gift for students

Just like teachers are feeling the first day of school jitters, our students are the same! We love using these Back to School Goldfish Gift Tags for a cute and simple welcome back gift. Have the prepped and out on students’ desks for a fun surprise!

Tip 5: Be flexible

The first week of school is always full of ups and downs. Everyone is getting back into the hang of things so be prepared for the plan to change! It is important to remember to be flexible. No matter how well you’ve planned for this week, things will change and it is ok!

Did we miss any of your favorite first week of school tips? Let us know!

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