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Our communities have a huge impact on who we are and how we interact with others. That is why it is so important to teach elementary students about different types of communities! Check out these engaging activities all about communities that surround us!

Types of Communities

As teachers, we always want to expose our students to different ways of living. That is why we love teaching communities so much! Most students have seen examples of different types of communities through media or traveling so it is easy for them to make connections. These resources focus on three types of communities: Urban, Suburban, and Rural.

Booklet on the types of communities including urban, suburban, and rural
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What is included?

Your students are sure to stay engaged with the wide range of materials and resources available to explore this topic. This comprehensive two week long unit integrates technology, vocabulary, writing, art, reading strategies and more!

Students will respond to informational text by answering questions in a variety of forms in a student booklet. The vocabulary words are embedded throughout the unit to promote ample opportunities for learning. Additionally, they can practice the vocabulary words with a flipbook and vocabulary puzzles. There are also extra pages for early finishers or to use as morning work or centers!

Communities Pocketbook
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Print or digital?

Are you looking for ways to integrate more technology into your classroom? This unit comes in both print and digital format! The printed unit comes together as an easy to prep pocketbook. This pocketbook acts as a makeshift portfolio for student work and is an impressive piece of work to share at the end of the unit.

The digital unit includes everything you get in the print unit. You get a Google Slide presentation on each of the topics and interactive activities that you can assign to students through Google Classroom. Get a full tour of it here: Communities Screen Recording!

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