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Spring is here and everyone is excited about warmer weather and longer days. Living in upstate New York we definitely appreciate Spring! But as teachers, we know that Spring comes with a lot of drawbacks as well! 

It seems like the kids somehow double their energy and we are just trying to hold on until the end of the year! On top of that you have holidays and testing. For teachers, Spring is all about survival!

In our experience, students love learning about Spring! They get excited to learn about something that they can observe themselves and to make connections outside of the classroom. Here are our top teaching resources for teaching all about the season of Spring!

Discovering the Season of Spring Research Unit

We love using Pocketbook units during this time of year! They’re easy to prep and keep student work organized. Plus, the finished product makes a great portfolio for students to take home or show off during conferences. 

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This Discovering Spring Pocketbook will teach your students all about the weather, holidays, activities to do and clothing in Spring. Each activity incorporates ELA skills so your students can work on reading comprehension, writing, and vocabulary. To make it even easier for you, each activity comes with already differentiated versions so you can pick the level that works best for your students without any extra prep!

What is included?

  • Photos and descriptions to create Anchor Charts
  • Powerpoint Presentation to introduce the unit and get students discussing
  • Student Workbooks with comprehension questions
  • Colorful vocabulary cards for display or centers
  • Vocabulary word flip books with pictures
  • Multiple Graphic Organizers
  • SMART art writing activities
  • Early Finisher work including crossword puzzles, word searches, and ABC order printables

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The Season of Spring Boom Cards

Where do we even start with our love for Boom Cards? They’re simply one of the best teaching tools!  Our students love that they’re digital and interactive. We love that they are self checking so we don’t have to mark anything! It’s a win-win!

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The Spring Boom Card deck is all about the season of Spring. It includes 18 different task cards with multiple choice, fill in the blank, and matching activities. This deck can be used as a companion set to the Pocketbook unit or used separately.

What content does it cover?

  • characteristics of spring
  • springtime weather
  • spring activities
  • spring clothing
  • spring holidays

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Spring Crafts

If you’re looking for Spring-themed activities to supplement your Math instruction, make sure to check out these Spring Crafts. We love using them during guided math and math centers. You can start the craft together during small group instruction and let your students finish them during independent work. Choose between Spring Math Crafts for First Grade or Spring Math Crafts for Second Grade.

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We broke down each of the Spring Math Crafts in this blog post here. Learn about each one and get a FREE craft for your classroom!

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