Teaching the Winter Olympics

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The Winter Olympics are coming up this year and will take place in Beijing, China. Teach your students about this exciting worldwide event with hands-on, engaging activities that incorporate ELA Common Core standards in all student work.

Why teach the Winter Olympics?

We love using the Olympics to integrate Reading, Writing, Geography, and Math!  With athletes representing countries from around the world and hundreds of different sporting events, the Olympics are something that every student can get excited about.  

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How to teach about the Winter Olympics?

Start off by learning about the host city Beijing.  Our 2022 Winter Olympics Research Unit is the perfect starting place.  You will be able to seamlessly move through content with your students, and each child will be able to create their own pocketbook portfolio along the way to store their work. Students, parents and administrators LOVE the impressive final product, and it will be a keepsake that they will be proud of and love to show off!! 

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Then, move on and learn about how the Olympics have changed throughout history and about some of the top sporting events.  Our Winter Olympics bundle includes 6 separate week-long units—6 weeks of materials total that will be all you will need to help your students dive into the Winter Olympics! The 6 Units include:

  • Ancient Olympics
  • Modern Olympics
  • Olympic Hockey
  • Olympic Figure Skating
  • Olympic Bobsleigh
  • Olympic Snowboarding

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What do you get in each unit?

Each unit can work as a stand alone unit or be used together to create a full unit of study on the Winter Olympics.  We designed them so that they could be taught with whole group lessons and small group or individual tasks.  With each unit you get:

  • Lesson Plans & Unit Pacing Plan
  • Anchor Charts
  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • Student Workbooks with Comprehension Questions
  • Vocabulary Activities
  • Graphic Organizers
  • Writing Pages
  • Early Finisher Activities (word search, cross word, sorting activities)
  • SMART art Writing Activities

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We are so confident that you’ll love this unit that we are giving away a FREE PREVIEW.  Get your free download here.


Happy Teaching!

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