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As teachers, everyone has an opinion on what teacher products you need to get for your classroom. Throughout the years we’ve bought some truly amazing products and wasted money on some truly useless ones! When we sat down to make this list we focused on 2 criteria.  We wanted to include products that are useful and that make us happy! Check out our teacher favorites from Amazon!  

(All items shared in this post contain affiliate links.  With no additional cost to you, this allows us to make a small commission if you purchase an item through our link and helps support Double Dose of Learning.)

Products to make prepping easier:

  1. Binding Machines – Sure, your school probably has one, but there is nothing better than having one right in your classroom whenever you need it. We bind our morning workbooks, sight word booklets and of course our favorite classroom resource…Pocketbooks! 
  2. Laminator – This is another one your school probably has but we hate having to wait to get our thing laminated!  This laminator is super lightweight so you can easily move it around the classroom or take it home to prep your displays while you watch your favorite show!
  3. Astrobrights Paper – If you know us, then you know our love for astrobrights is fierce! It just makes everything so much brighter, and visually appealing. Our students love when they get to use the “special” paper for crafts and we prep almost all of our ELA and Math crafts with astrobrights! 
  4. Expanding File Folder – This accordion organizer has been a game changer for prepping and organizing work for our classrooms.  We have them in multiple colors so we can keep all of the resources for the week easily organized.  

Products to help you become tech savvy:

  1. Adjustable Laptop Stand with 360 Rotating Base – This base is perfect for Zoom meetings and remote learning.  It allows you to rotate your screen no matter where you are so you’ll always have a cute background!
  2. Laptop backpack – The last few years of lugging our laptop around has taken a toll on our tech and our backs! We recently got this laptop backpack and our backs are so thankful!
  3. Amazon Echo DotThis is such a fun tool to have in the classroom and you can find them at such great prices on Amazon (under $20 for a refurbished one)! Students can ask Alexa anything! Students can also play games with her such as trivia and challenges. If you purchase the kids edition, you can access thousands of different stories. The possibilities are really endless!

Products to make your desk your happy place:

  1. Lined Sticky Notes – We will be the first to admit that when we saw other teachers getting these we thought they were overrated. Would having lines on a sticky note really make a difference? The answer is a huge YES! 
  2. Papermate Scented Flair Pens – As if we didn’t love these pens enough in the first place, now they come in scented varieties and we are obsessed!! 
  3. Pink Swivel Chair – This chair has absolutely been one of our all-time favorite teacher purchases. It may not be “for the classroom”, but it sure brightens up our little space and puts a smile on our faces each morning. This is the exact one that we purchased 3 years ago and it is still in perfect shape and it’s cost-effective.

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Did we miss anything that you think should be on our list?  Let us know in the comments!

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