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Hi Everyone!  As elementary teachers, we have found that a favorite topic among our students is learning about the solar system!!! Kids love learning interesting facts about how the earth, moon, and other planets were created and all about what makes them unique!  That is why we created our Solar System Unit!

Our Solar System Unit takes all the headache out of planning engaging, informative lessons so that you can enjoy this unit with your class! Each of our bundles is well organized and jam-packed with engaging and easy to differentiate activities for your students. They each include 10 different units to teach your class about The Sun, The Moon, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

Given the ever-changing nature of teaching today, we have updated our unit to be available in THREE DIFFERENT FORMATS! That means whether you’re teaching in-person, online, or a hybrid of the two, we got you covered!

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Check out the different elements below that are included in each bundle. Then, look for a link at the end to grab an exclusive FREEBIE that provides materials for multiple activities relating to one of these topics!!!

Pocketbook Bundle

With our Discovering the Solar System Pocketbook Unit, you will be able to seamlessly move through content with your students. As you move through the unit, each child will be able to create their own pocketbook portfolio to store their work. Students, parents, and administrators LOVE the impressive final product, and it will be a keepsake that they will be proud of and love to show off!! Check out the different elements below that are included in all 6 units.

PowerPoint Presentations and Anchor Charts

Each unit comes with its own PowerPoint Presentation and Anchor Chart. Grab the students’ attention by using our engaging presentation filled with colorful images and open-ended questions to get your class talking. Then use the Anchor Chart to create a display that will help your students recall facts about the unit. As the unit progresses, you can add to the anchor chart as a class!

Student Workbooks

This bundle includes 10 different student workbooks, 1 for each topic — the Sun, the Moon, and all 8 planets. The workbooks are simple to put together. Just color print each page and staple the workbooks together for each student. If time allows, trim the edges to make the booklet smaller so it will fit nicely in each pocket.

We love these workbooks because they are easy to use with students at all levels. You can have students independently read for information on the topic then answer comprehension questions related to the topic at the bottom of each page. If your students still need some support, they may benefit from working with a partner or small group. For students below level, you may choose to open the document onto a Smart Board and read along with them in a whole group setting.

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Vocabulary Cards, Puzzles, and Flip Books

Building vocabulary is so important for our learners which is why we created THREE different vocabulary resources! You get vocabulary cards that you can print and laminate to serve as visuals for students to refer back to throughout the unit. Our Vocabulary Puzzle Pieces are great as centers, partner work, or even practice as homework. Once they’ve practiced their vocabulary, let students demonstrate their knowledge of key vocabulary words using the interactive vocabulary flipbook.

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Graphic organizers and writing paper

Students complete the graphic organizer either as an independent or whole group activity to demonstrate their knowledge of the topic, writing multiple key details and facts. Then, students can use the graphic organizers as a reference to create a longer writing piece, consisting of multiple paragraphs. We’ve included 2 options for handwriting lines to easily differentiate student needs.

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Supplemental Pages and Early Finisher Work

Multiple activities are included to supplement the content learned through the student comprehension workbooks and the PowerPoint presentation. Activities can be used for morning work, early finishers, or homework. Activities include: ABC order, a crossword puzzle, acrostic poem, and word search.

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How to assemble the pocketbooks

Instructions for creating the pocketbook are included in your download. They are really easy to make! All you need is a binding machine (most schools already have one), binding combs, and construction paper. If your school doesn’t have a binding machine you can use, we like this binding machine. It is a great deal and comes along with 100 binding combs! When your binding combs run out, grab our favorite ones here. *Affiliate links included

Digital Bundle

Our Solar System Digital Bundle includes the same exciting topics as our Pocketbook Bundle designed for Distance Learning. You can utilize SeeSaw or Google Classroom and open all of the resources in Google Slides to present information about the Solar System in an interactive, digital format that can be easily differentiated for all learners.

Included with your purchase:

  • ·GOOGLE Presentation Slides for topic overview (145 slides) 
  • 170 interactive workbook pages with a variety of options for student responses

Each unit also includes:

  • Interactive vocabulary cards
  • “Get the Gist” graphic organizers
  • Graphic organizers for writing paragraphs
  • Writing paper for student informative paragraphs
  • ABC order
  • Word search
  • Crossword puzzle
  • Acrostic poem
  • Vocabulary word puzzle pieces
  • Newspaper article based on independent research

Digital and Printable Pocketbook Bundle

Are you hybrid teaching this year or work in a classroom where students work both digitally and on paper? We have combined both the Pocketbook Unit and Digital Unit described above into ONE BUNDLE including both the PRINT and DIGITAL version of our Solar System Unit. With this Bundle, you get the best of both worlds!

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Are you ready to check out our exclusive Solar System FREEBIE and see if this unit is right for your class? Try out sample pages from this exciting bundle by clicking the link right here!

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When you buy our bundles, you’re getting a discount of 30% or more! We know sometimes you might be only covering one topic from the bundle so we also made them available to purchase separately! All of our bundles are also sold as single units if you’re only looking for one topic.

You can get them here:

Printable Moon Unit or Digital Moon for Google
Printable Sun Unit or Digital Sun for Google
Printable Mercury Unitor Digital Mercury for Google
Printable Venus Unit or Digital Venus for Google
Printable Earth Unit or Digital Earth for Google
Printable Mars Unit or Digital Mars for Google
Printable Jupiter Unit or Digital Jupiter for Google
Printable Saturn Unit or Digital Saturn for Google
Printable Uranus Unit or Digital Uranus for Google
Printable Neptune Unit or Digital Neptune for Google


Happy Teaching! 🙂


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