Shark Week Activities for Kids, Sharks Research for Elementary Students plus FREE Printable

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What is a better topic to investigate during summer school, than SHARKS?!

These dangerous and fascinating creatures will be sure to captivate your class, and even get them pumped for Shark Week!

This Sharks Research mega bundle allows your students to utilize research skills, recall new information learned, summarize, and write organized paragraphs to demonstrate knowledge of information learned.

This summer activity provides all the materials you will need to give your students interactive and hands-on opportunities to study these fascinating creatures.

Check out what is included in this pocketbook, which turned out to be one of our favorites!

PowerPoint Presentations

We love to begin new units by introducing the new topic through colorful PowerPoint slides.
The students love the vivid images, which really grabs their attention and gets them thinking!
Easily move into a group discussion after the open-ended question is given on the last slide to give students a chance to demonstrate their knowledge about the topic.

Anchor Chart

Use the colorful pictures and text at the end of the unit to create beautiful anchor charts that can be displayed in your classroom.

As students move throughout the unit, have students recall facts learned and have them actively participate in creating the anchor chart.

It can serve as a model to help students recognize goals and main ideas and review concepts learned.

Vocabulary Cards and Puzzle Pieces

One of our favorite parts of the mega bundle are all of the vibrant vocabulary cards that are included.

Print, laminate and cut these eye-catching vocabulary words to serve as visuals for students to refer back to throughout the unit.

You can gang them on your word wall, classroom door, bulletin boards, or even make students their own copies of the cards.

Then, use the puzzle pieces to reinforce the vocabulary words studied throughout the unit, which can be used individually, with a partner, or as part of a center.

Vocabulary Flip Books

This activity is a favorite amongst our student!

They can cut, match, paste and write to interactively demonstrate their knowledge of the vocabulary words and topics studied throughout the unit.

Student Workbook

Students can read for information on the topic then answer comprehension questions related to the topic at the bottom of each page.

Students may benefit from working with a partner or small group. For students below level, you may choose to open the document onto a Smart Board and read along with them in a whole group setting.

Our classes love looking back and re-reading these workbooks as the unit progresses—it is a great reference material!

Morning Work and Supplemental Activities

We also included some additional resources and activities that are perfect for early finishers or morning work.

There are 20 task cards reflecting main topics found in the unit, Venn Diagrams, ABC order, grammar sorts, a word search, crossword puzzle, and MORE!

Our students always look forward to completing these ”extras” at the end of each pocketbook, and have fun while demonstrating what they have learned and reinforcing targeted vocabulary throughout the unit.

Smart Art

Pocketbook units also include Smart Art, which is a fun way to integrate art with writing as well as capitalizing on following direction skills throughout the activity.

Students use the anchor chart, and/or PowerPoint to recall information and write it on the back of their artwork. The units also include themed writing paper to be used to write on the topic.

Independence can easily be scaffolded by using the Get the Gist graphic organizer, writing graphic organizer, paragraph organizer and then the writing pages with two options for handwriting lines.

Sharks Pocketbook

Students keep their work organized in an impressive pocketbook portfolio to serve as a visual reference of the unit. Parents LOVE these pocketbooks (principals too!).

Each week or sub-topic will have its own pocket inside of this easily created book. All you need is large construction paper, binding combs and a binding machine. Use this 350 page, highly organized and low-prep unit to keep you sane and taking back your summer!

Free Sample

Click here to instantly download 13 pages from this unit! Featuring the Mako, Great White, Whale Shark, Bull Shark and Hammerhead Shark!

Bundle & Save! [Buy Now]

Your kids will have a blast with all of the interesting information they will learn about these underwater animals!

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