Digital Research Units: Learning with Google Slides (Free download!)

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We know that there are endless benefits to utilizing Google Classroom, and we’ve shared many ways Google Classroom can help students as well as teachers.

We’re taking a closer look at our Google units, so you can get an idea of how these science and social studies research units can help supplement your learning, or even stand alone!

Many of our Pocketbook units are already available as digital units, and eventually all of our printable units will be available in digital format. 

Slideshow Presentation

First, you will start learning by assigning the Google slideshow to each student or small group. 

Students will read or use the text to speech function in Google to listen to the slideshow. 

The slides are editable so they can be translated, easily added to or modified! 

Most of the units include videos within the slideshow to deepen learning. 

The slideshow can be referred back to throughout the unit if needed.

Interactive Notebook

Each individual unit will include 4-6 pages of an interactive comprehension workbook. Again, the text is editable so it can be modified, added to, text to speech can be used or you can even translate into another language! 

Students will read or listen to the text, dig deeper by watching videos, search on kid-friendly websites for coordinating images and then answer comprehension questions.

Interactive Vocabulary Cards

Vocabulary acquisition is a primary focus in our science and social studies units, and we previously wrote about the importance of vocabulary instruction and how to get students to master an understanding of new words.

In the Google units, words are embedded in the workbook and Google slideshow and emphasized with bold print. 

With the Interactive word cards, students will match the pictures to the words and type the definitions. Students will use the puzzle pieces to match definitions, words and pictures to demonstrate their knowledge.

Graphic Organizers & more!

Get the Gist and graphic organizers for writing a paragraph are included to help students organize their ideas before writing about the topic! 

Students can also create a newspaper article and search on a kid-friendly website to gather information.

Students are able to easily share their work with peers for collaboration and fact-checking! 

Extra activities are included such as a word search, crossword puzzle and acrostic poem. Use them as early finisher work, morning work or even homework! Students can easily check each others work by sharing it within Google. 

Prefer to watch videos? 

Us too! Learn about our digital Google units by watching the video below.

A few of our digital units currently available:

Click the links below to try a FREE Google unit with slideshow!
➤  Download The Moon Digital Unit
➤  Download The Moon Digital Slideshow

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