Mess-Free Snowman Ornaments

Winter Holidays

Hello Holidays in the classroom! 
December in the classroom is such a fun time of the school year! December is also very busy while you’re trying to have all the fun and ensure you get to everything else too! Cue the math and reading holiday crafts to get you through it!

Snowman ornaments are one of our favorite holiday classroom crafts. I’ve created these in my classroom for the past three years and even branched out to making them with my own kids and their friends at our family and friends Christmas party! They are easy, mess-free (as much as holiday crafts can be), low-cost and quick to make. Another reason that I really love these ornaments is that they aren’t too christmas-y. No matter what winter holiday your students celebrate, who doesn’t love snowmen?
You will need:

  • Mini Marshmallows
  • Clear Glass Ornaments: You could use plastic as well, but I love the glass because they look so pretty when they are finished. I purchased mine from Amazon and they were fairly reasonably priced. You could also pick these up at a local craft store like Michaels or JoAnn Fabrics.
  • Black and Orange Oil based Sharpies: You could also use oil based paint and paintbrushes, but I think the sharpie markers are easier for kids to manipulate and they don’t create a mess! (no cleaning brushes afterwards!) 
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1. Take the top off the ornaments and have students fill with mini marshmallows.
2. Put the top back on.
3. Have students draw eyes and a mouth with the black sharpie and a carrot nose with the orange sharpie.
4. I like to have the students write their name on the back and the year to have as a keepsake.
That’s it! It’s super simple, adorable and mess free! 



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