10 Children’s books for Teaching Extreme Weather


If there is one topic that we have taught year after year, it would be Extreme Weather! We love to supplement our lessons with highly engaging, informational texts to be read aloud, to show examples of real photographs and for DEAR time. Here is a list of our favorite books on this topic!

1 Tornadoes! by Gail Gibbons is phenomenal! Gail Gibbons never disappoints with any informational topic! This book explains how tornadoes are formed, explains the Fujita Scale and how to stay safe during a tornado in kid-friendly way! Amazon has a “Look Inside” feature on this book if you want to get a closer look!

2 National Geographic Kids: Storms by Miriam Busch Goin has a simple format with a table of contents and includes information on blizzards, monsoons, thunder and lightning, tornadoes, sandstorms, hurricanes and more! Look inside this book on Amazon by clicking on the photo below! I find that students always pick this book up for silent reading!

3 What Makes a Blizzard? by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld is part of the Let’s Read and Find Out science series which is AMAZING for breaking difficult topics down for young learners! This book explains the difference between a snowstorm and a blizzard with detailed illustrations that enhance understanding!

Masters of Disasters Book Set by Carol Marsh is a collection of 6 books, each on a different type of natural disaster or extreme weather. This set works well for guided reading as it has reading level guides. It’s sold at Oriental Trading. 

I Survived the Joplin Tornado by Lauren Tarshis is the perfect read aloud to supplement an extreme weather unit. I have used book for numerous years and just love the suspense that the story line offers. Boys especially love the entire New York Times best selling “I Survived” series! I use this novel companion with students after we read each chapter which helps with comprehension, recall critical thinking and includes writing prompts.

Wildfires by Kathy Furgang by National Geographic Kids has vibrant photographs, interesting wildfire facts and information on how they can be prevented. It can be hard to find books all about wildfires, so you will want to snatch this one up f teaching an extreme weather unit that includes wildfires. I purchased my copy from Scholastic and its also sold at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

If You Were a Kid Surviving a Hurricane by Josh Gregory is a newer children’s book that is the story of Carrie and Dan, two friends that find themselves caught in the path of a hurricane. They learn how hurricanes are formed, how scientists study hurricanes and how people protect themselves from the winds and flooding. 

Tsunamis and Other Natural Disasters by Mary Pope Osbourne is a non-fiction companion to Magic Tree House #28: High Tide inHawaii.The Magic Tree House books are the #1 bestselling chapter books of all time! The non-fiction companion answers all of your extreme weather questions for older readers. Thisbookispackedwith up to date information, photos, illustrations by some of your two favorite chapter book characters, Jack and Annie 🙂

Earthquakes! by Cy Armour is a Time For Kids book. Surprisingly, it is hard to find many children’s books just on the topic of earthquakes. This book does a nice job of explaining how earthquakes occur. The text is simple and understandable. This perfect is perfect to pair with any unit on earthquakes.

10ISurvived True Stories: Extreme Weather! by Lauren Tarshis is AMAZING !! Your students will be on the edge of their seats while reading these true stories of kids and survival during an extreme weather crisis. These stories are unforgettable. This book pairs perfectly with some other books in the “I Survived” series including the book about the Joplin tornado mentioned above.

Hope you have found a collection of books to bring to life with your students and supplement units on extreme weather. If you are looking for resources on extreme weather, check out our bestseller interactive pocketbook unit right here!

Comment below with other extreme weather titles that you have used in your classroom!  This post contains Amazon affiliate links to no extra cost to you.

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