Digestive System – BOOM CARDS™ for Distance Learning


Engage your students with fun, interactive, digital task cards to check their understanding after teaching all about the Digestive System. This deck includes 20 digital task cards that are self correcting and can be used with any device on the Boom Learning platform. Cards can be easily assigned through a link, and there is no need to download, save or print to save you time!

The questions are presented in multiple formats: multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank and labeling!

Questions involve content related to:

  • Related vocabulary: stomach, small and large intestine, swallowing
  • Stages of the digestive system
  • How to keep the digestive system healthy
  • …and more!

Please note: This deck is used as a companion set to the Digestive System Digital Unit or Printable Unit, which provides further content with interactive activities (reading workbooks with comprehension questions, PowerPoint Presentation, graphic organizers, 10+ vocabulary activities and more). It can be accessed in a printable or digital format to best meet the needs of your classroom.

*Check out other resources related to the Human Body Systems* You can find them in a *PRINTABLE* or *DIGITAL* format below:

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Any questions? Please contact [email protected] before purchasing.

Thank you! 🙂

-Kelly and Stephanie

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